The Culture Co approach


Soulfully Scientific

We blend the principles of high-performance with a people-first approach to culture. We offer challenging, measurable insights alongside an empathetic curiosity about what it will take for your people and business to thrive.


A Holistic Approach

We believe culture and performance go hand in hand, so we make sure whatever we do is connected. We embed high performance practices and enrich the experience of work to ensure continued success for your business.


Fulfilling Potential

It’s not about being perfect. We empower people with the mind-set and tools needed to be curious about developing themselves so they can make the most of their talent and achieve things in the future that they couldn’t have done before.


End To End Impact

As your culture starts to take shape, our role will shift, but we’ll be with you every step of the way. We’re interested in transforming your approach to culture and performance forever, not just for the time we’re working with you.


Jo Webb – Director / Founder


Jo is a former European HR Director with over 20 years’ experience working with high growth SMEs across the media and creative sectors.

Jo’s seen that culture’s been at the heart of both successes and failures in every company she’s worked at. She’s experienced first-hand how the right culture positively impacts performance, as well as how the wrong culture – one that focuses on results at any cost – can drive the wrong behaviours.

Jo started Culture Co. in 2016. Armed with the knowledge that culture is the biggest driver of business performance and frustrated with all the culture change programmes that had little to no impact on performance, she saw an opportunity to combine her passion for culture and performance with her knowledge, expertise and experience – and do something she loves.


Our Vision


We believe we have the power to transform people’s view of themselves, their work and their life. Work can be an enriching experience where people can fulfil their potential and thrive in a purposeful community. Which means…


Less stress


More balance


More time ‘in life’


Happier lives


Our Values

We have four guiding values that we live by:




Keep it simple


Driving excellence


We do what we say